Cobra King Speedzone Hybrid

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Cobra SPEEDZONE Hybrid - Matte Black/Yellow

Cobra optimized specific zones of the construction from the chassis to the exterior to engineer the highest level of performance in a hybrid.
Hollow Split Rails
Hollow rails flex more than solid rails, creating a 70% larger hot spot area with the aid of a split speed channel.
Back Weighting
Weight concentrated low and back creates the most efficient transfer of energy to the ball for high trajectories that land softly into greens.
Refined Shape
Slightly larger than a traditional hybrid, the shape features a high MOI and a square leading edge for longer and straighter ball flights.
Cobra Connect™
Track your accuracy and distance using the Arccos Caddie app on your Smart Device.
Shaft: UST Recoil ESX 480
Grip: Lamkin Crossline (58+) Connect - Black
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